Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nip and tuck in men too

Experts: More men into nip and tuck jobs too


KUALA LUMPUR: More men are turning to cosmetic surgery to look good in order to “hold on” to their partners, while some teenagers are opting for double eyelids and ear pin procedures, said doctors.

Some teenage boys are also choosing to go under the knife to reduce their “breasts”.

Consultant plastic and cosmetic surgeon Dr Heng Kien Seng said he had seen a 15% increase in male patients in his clinic over the last one and half years while aesthethic physician Dr Inder Kaur said men made up 35% of her clients.

“It’s a competitive world out there. Women are doing it and unlike before, they are not submissive. They can change partners.

“So the men also have to enhance themselves and look better for their partners,” said Dr Heng.

“The men come for botox, filler, lasers, buttock implants, liposuction, to remove eye bags and even to sculpt a six-pack abdomen and the perfect male body,” he said.

He said about 5% of his male clients are gay.

“They have a lot of money to spend. A number of them are talented, being fashion designers and make-up artistes.

“They have no family or children so what is there to save for? They use whatever they have to make their partners happy,” he said.

Teenagers below 18 are now also going for cosmetic surgery and procedures like botox, nose jobs, double eye lids, ear pins, liposuction and even breast augmentation.

Somehow, parents are willingly bringing their children for these procedures.

“Parents are more aware of the competition out there. They bring their children for enhancements to put them in same or higher category than their peers,” said Dr Heng.

Teenagers make up one to two per cent of his clients and that figure, when seen against population ratio, is really “quite reasonable”.

“The trend has changed in a certain way. Cosmetic surgery has become accepted and the younger age group has been coming in.

He said he will not do breast implants for those under 18.

“I have to tell them you are too young,” he said.

But if the teenager has “really huge” breasts which cause discomfort and problems, Dr Heng would do a breast reduction operation even if she is not yet 18, provided she comes with her parents.

“They must understand the consequences, including scarring, less breast milk production and less nipple sensation,” he said.

Aesthetic physician Dr Alice Prethima has had girls under 18 coming in for breast augmentation.

She said mothers are concerned when their daughters have undeveloped or asymmetrical breasts.




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